At Christmas and the end of every winter period, we organize theatrical performances with the co-operation of the teachers and students. The satisfaction of the Parents and Students and the end of every performance awards us for the efforts of all participants (Students – Teachers).

We also organize:

  • Seminars with various encyclopedic subjects in which students, parent and teachers take part.
  • Diploma awarding events, as well as sports activities involving students of all ages
  • Talks with a child psychologist on issues related to the relationship between children, parents, teachers and students.
  • Painting exhibitions on the school premises
  • Carnival Masquerade Dance


During the school period, we organize excursions to selected parts of Crete. This gives the opportunity to both children and us to live together beautiful moments that have nothing to do with the learning process, but with the personal relationships that we must develop between us. Parents can also participate in these.


From time to time we organize educational trips to European countries. The experiences and knowledge they offer children are truly valuable. Information about the excursions can be requested after the Christmas holidays.