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The right choice is the key to success !

The Foreign Language Center Galinaki was founded in 1965. Distinguished since the first years of operation and recognized for their pioneer teaching methods, the studies program in various languages and for the high success percentage of their students in foreign language exams.



Οι εγγραφές ξεκινούν την 1η Σεπτεμβρίου, καθημερινά 10.00-13.00 και 18.00 – 20.30. 

The Foreign Language Centers Galinaki, for decades now, offer high quality training, allocating adequately trained personnel, advanced audiovisual media (INTERACTICE BOARDS, COMPUTERS MULTIMEDIA PROGRAMMED COMPUTERA, and INTERNET) in a comfortable and pleasant environment which creates sensitivity for education.

Since 2010, our School operates as Galinaki-Barnia and the Administration has been taken over by Sofia Barnia, graduate of the English University SUNDERLAND.

We have a privately owned building in Therissos, especially designed for a school, with central heating, comfortable spaces and a courtyard with a garden.

Our teachers constantly participate in training seminars regarding the new teaching methods, pediatric psychology issues, new audiovisual media and kept up to date with the developments in foreign language education.