Keeping up with the needs and messages of the times, our School offers its students comprehensive study programs in 5 foreign languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Greek for foreigners, during the winter and summer. Students who attend more than one language at our School gain a significant privilege, so that their timetable is tailored to the needs of their subjects.

Registration starts in early September and the school year lasts about 8.5 months (mid-September - late May). The summer season begins in mid-June and ends in mid-August. This gives the opportunity, to both children and parents, to rest and enjoy a few days vacation just before the start of the new school year.

The selection of books is done responsibly and methodically after detailed information on the new teaching methods. Our teachers attend special training seminars and regularly attend foreign language book fairs. We carefully study the new publications and evaluate them based on the quality of knowledge they offer, the needs and the level of our students.

Our classes are small, with a few students. The various monitoring tools we have, computers, interactive multimedia programs, Internet, interactive boards (smart boards) etc. are tools in the hands of our teachers and students, which enrich the knowledge, making the lesson enjoyable and relaxing.

We believe that the daily examination and the frequent tests help the teacher to identify the weaknesses of each student. Thus, he / she is able to help him / her especially, when and where he / she needs it. Each month, the teachers give a written and oral grade for each lesson. We also enable parents to be informed regularly, responsibly and thoroughly about their children's performance in each lesson taught.

All students are required to take the pre-mentioned exams and tests set by the teachers. In the event that due to force majeure (eg. illness, etc.) this is not possible, then students are kindly requested to consult with the Secretary or their teachers so that the day and time that the student will be able to write the test. No student misses a test and it is, in fact, his / her responsibility to look for the relevant date to take the required test. Otherwise, if he misses a test unjustifiably, this will be detrimental to his / her final score.

Grades are given three times a year. The first report card refers to the months of September, October and November. The second refer to the months of December, January and February and the third, to the months of March, April and May, which includes the results of the final exams.
 The base grade that allows students to advance to the next class is 12. It should be noted that the mean score of all subjects has to be above the base grade.

After the first semester grade, those students who are weak in grammar can attend additional support courses, without financial burden, starting in January.

a) If, according to the Rules of Operation of our School, the final average is a passable grade, and if the course averages are also passable grades, the student is advanced to the next grade.

b) ATTENTION! Also, the following regulation applies in our School: The students of the 4th grade who will receive a final average of 16.5 and above and if the average of the courses is also above 16, are promoted directly to the LOWER class / FCE / ECCE / MSU / NOCN, level B2, if desired. The remaining students under 16.5 will be promoted to the 5th grade. We note that for this reason the teaching hours of D 'Class are increased by one (1) per week.

If the final grade point average is a passable grade, but there is a grade point average in the course grade analysis that is not a passable grade, the student will be re-written in that course for grade improvement, if desired. If the resulting grade point average review is progressive, then the student is promoted to the next grade.

If the final grade point average is not passable, the student will be re-examined in writing, up to twice, in the specific lesson whose grade point average is below baseline. If a promotional grade is obtained, then the student is promoted to the next grade. It is not recommended to attend summer intensive care unit.

The class is REPEATED without any review procedure, either during the summer or during the winter, paying tuition with a 50% discount, when the final average is more than 2 points less than the base of the specific class.

After obtaining the LOWER diploma (FCE CAMBRIDGE / ECCE MICHIGAN / NOCN B2 / MSU B2) students can attend the PROFICIENCY class for one period and participate in the ECPE / MSU-CELP / NOCN level C2 exams, diplomas accepted by ASEP.
Our goal is to help students understand that methodical study at home and their active participation during the lesson provide them with a high grade and more rounded knowledge. We are always willing to help in any problem that arises during the year.

Our students take part in various examinations of Greek and Foreign Educational Institutions to obtain respective Diplomas. The table below shows the language proficiency test levels in the various languages. After the announcement of the official results, there is a period of about two months for the sending of the original Diplomas which are awarded to the successful ones in special events.


There is a lending library with books for all levels. We encourage students to borrow books to read in their spare time or during the holidays, in order to improve their reading ability.

We believe in the greatest and most multifaceted activity of the child during the learning of a foreign language. It is not enough to study the language system of a people, but to know as many aspects of its culture as possible. That is why we have established various activities. Believing in their necessity and trying in turn to convince your children to participate in them.

At the end of each school winter season, we organize a theatrical performance with the cooperation of teachers and students. Satisfaction in the eyes of Parents and students at the end of each event, reward us for the much work that such events require.

Also, before the closing of the School, Christmas and Halloween, Christmas and Carnival school parties are organized, either in the School area or in other places for all of us, students and teachers to have fun together.

From time to time, we organize various pedagogical seminars of various content in which students, teachers and parents participate, as well as events for the award of diplomas.

These relationships must be based on mutual respect, love and mutual understanding. Students should respect and appreciate their teachers, who, always, with good will and love, work to perform their dual task: to provide knowledge and to form the right people.

Both students and teachers are obliged to faithfully follow the Regulations of the School.


* To attend classes regularly and always keep and bring all their books and notebooks. The workbooks must be clean and of which must be supervised by the parent.

* To study systematically and be consistent in the homework assigned to them by the teachers.

* To behave properly on the school premises and remain calm and attentive during the lesson.

* Insults and mockery of a classmate or teacher are strictly forbidden. This may be a reason for to be expelled from school.

* They need to keep the School clean, because a beautiful School makes us all feel proud and happy to spend the hours we spend in it.

* To arrive at school 5 minutes before the start of the lesson and behave decently during the break.

* To be limited to the area of ​​the School and not to disturb the classes that teach.

* The use of mobile phones during the lesson is strictly forbidden. The is not responsible in any way for any loss within the School.

We always ask the Parents to have frequent communication and close cooperation with the teaching staff. In this way, we help to deal with any problems of each of our students individually, whether it concerns their performance in the lesson or their behavior at school.

If all of us; Students, Teachers and Parents, faithfully apply the Internal Regulations, then there is a smooth and efficient operation of the School. Thus, our goal is achieved, that is, the high level of foreign language education provided in our School and which ultimately raises the level of knowledge of students.